Tiwanaku: Ancestral Mystery

Half day tour to Tiwanaku which is an ancient archaeological city full of mysteries. With certainty Tiwanaku is the first Andean civilization and believes the first civilization of the world by its great scientific knowledge, in agriculture, hydraulic engineering and administration, that surpasses our current knowledge. Where did the inhabitants of Tiwanaku have such knowledge? Is still a mystery, in this visit you will be able to know several of the theories that try to solve this enigma.

Tiwanaku holds great secrets, how did the Tiwanakotas have giant stones carved in great detail and without chisel marks full of symbology that has not yet been fully deciphered? The monoliths still have much of their history that may be discovered by you.

Tiwanaku radiates culture, there is concentrated knowledge, mastery of science and love of the fine arts, is a civilization with great influence to other cultures and spread throughout Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

In the present population of Tiwanaku you will be able to meet local people, currently of Aymara culture, who believe that Tiwanaku is a sacred place of their ancestors.

You will be picked up from your hotel from 6:15 in the morning to leave at 7:30 on tourist buses from Hotel Rosario on Illampu Street.

The tour begins with a trip on the cable car on the yellow line that will take you from the city of La Paz to the city of El Alto where you will board the tourist bus to take you to Tiwanaku.

A two-hour trip through the Bolivian highlands to Tiwanaku, a trip to see beautiful rock formations of impressive shapes and colors, typical of the Bolivian highlands and endemic vegetation of the place.

Arrival at Tiwanaku Archaeological Complex, one of the oldest and mysterious cities in America, located 72 km from the city of La Paz. Tiwanaku was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is estimated that this colossal city could be one of the most legendary human settlements on Earth.

Visit the ceramic museum and the lytic museum to appreciate the great artistic and construction details, as well as to know the chronology of this culture.

Visit to the most important temples such as the Akapana Pyramid, the Semisubterran Temple, the Kalasasaya Temple along with the famous Sun Gate and the Ponce Monolith where you can admire fine iconographic engravings such as winged men, fish, etc. Which still retain surprising details. Visit to Puma Punku, a complex formed by blocks of rock of volcanic origin some 7 meters high and weighing over 100 tons, H-shaped that amazingly fit with great precision.

Lunch at the expense of passengers. Return to the city of La Paz, ending the tour at Hotel Rosario, Illampu Avenue. Approximately at 2:00 p.m.


  • Kalasasaya Temple where the famous Puerta del Sol is located, which preserves an impressive symbology carved in a single block.
  • Semi-subterranean temple with clavic heads witnessing enigmatic events.
  • Monoliths with fine engravings, which keeps surprising details.
  • Akapana Pyramid is one of the largest staggered plant constructions.
  • Puma Punku set of H-shaped stone blocks that amazingly fit with great precision.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Wear sunscreen, hat, comfortable shoes and windbreaker

INCLUDES: Shared tourist transport, bilingual guide (Spanish-English), cable car ticket

NOT INCLUDED: admission ticket to the ruins, lunch

Duration: 6 hours

Hours: 07:30


  1. La Paz
  2. Cable Car Sopocachi
  3. Cable Car El Alto
  4. View of the Royal Range
  5. Tiwanaku
  6. La Paz