Isla del Sol: Ancestral energy and culture. La Paz - La Paz

La Paz-Copacabana- Isla del Sol- La Paz.

Tour 2 days and 1 night.

From the majestic Lake Titicaca, Isla del Sol emerges, an emblematic island that was born to the Andean culture and its archaeological ruins tell its visitors the history of Inca emperors because this island is and was sacred to the Andean civilizations.

Entering the palace of Pilkokaina, on the Isla del Sol, where the Inca rested after his long journeys touring his empire is impressive. From this ancient Andean palace you can see the most beautiful landscapes, feel a privileged climate in the rugged Andes and appreciate the unshakable tranquility of this place shows you, because this island of Lake Titicaca was chosen by the Incas as a sanctuary for its rulers . You are as close as possible to the pre-Hispanic Andean Inca nobility.

Copacabana, a picturesque town on the shores of Lake Titicaca, is also an Andean sanctuary. In pre-Hispanic Copacabana, chroniclers tell, lived mythological inhabitants, and where now is the Basilica of Copacabana was the temple of the female goddess of love and fertility. Copacabana is a mystical and energetic place, in several of its corners it manifests the spirituality and religiosity, thousands of parishioners visit the sanctuary looking for help of the virgin brunette, the virgin of Copacabana. In its streets, women keep their clothes and traditions in their daily life, you will witness the alive Andean culture of this population, full of colors and smiles.

The most energetic and mystical place of the Andes: Isla del Sol, Copacabana and Lake Titicaca, are the essence of this tour; Full of breathtaking scenery, beautiful sunsets, ancestral culture and authentic current. It is a great opportunity to be in the places that the highest Inca nobility chose for their rest and is a privilege for each traveler to fill with positive energy when visiting these unique places.

Day 1

From 6:45 in the morning will be picked up from your hotel in the city of La Paz, to concentrate on Hotel Rosario and start the tour at 7:30 in the morning.

Begin the tour on a comfortable tour bus accompanied by a guide to go to the Andean population of Copacabana.

Just 70 km from the city of La Paz you will begin to see the majestic Lake Titicaca. The bus will stop, so you can take pictures of the most beautiful landscapes of Lake Titicaca and the great Andes mountain range.

Following the trip will cross the Strait of Tiquina by boat for 20 minutes, to follow the course to the population of Copacabana, on the way you can see more landscapes of the lake, vegetation and animals typical of the "Andean Altiplano". You will be able to observe picturesque villages and the locals in their daily activities such as grazing and terraced agriculture, using traditional millenarian techniques.

After a 3½ hour trip you will reach the town of Copacabana, a mystical place full of indigenous and mestizo legends and stories on the shores of the Sacred Lake of the Andes, Titicaca. You will arrive at the charming Hotel Rosario del Lago Titicaca or similar hotel, where you will settle and delight with a tourist lunch

Already in the afternoon will take the course towards the Island of the Sun in a speedboat along with other tourists, during 45 minutes. From this island, says the legend, the founders of the Inca culture were sent by God Inti to teach humanity the civilization. You will arrive to the Garden of the Inca and the stairway of Yumani, in whose upper part are the three sources of water, a sample of the hydraulic dominion of the pre-Hispanic towns.

The main archaeological attraction is the palace of Pilcocaina or Residence of the birds where the Inca is believed to be lodged when arriving at the Island or that was a temple of worship to the sun because all the openings of the construction are located toward the dawn.

Return by boat to Copacabana for 45 minutes and transfer to hotel Rosario del Lago Titicaca or similar where you can see the beautiful sunset of Copacabana, full of colors and Andean magic.

Day 2

Start the day with a delicious buffet breakfast at the Hotel, which has typical Andean ingredients from Bolivia turned into nutritious and natural foods to fill you with energy on this day.

First visit the Church of Copacabana, which houses the Virgin Candelaria or Virgin Morena, crowned queen of Bolivia. This basilica of imposing beauty was completed in 1640 and is visited by thousands of parishioners from various regions of Latin America. Then walk through the alleys of the village where the local market is and the sale of the famous pasankallas, pop corn sweet Andino Bolivian.

In the afternoon return to the city of La Paz.


  • Visit to Copacabana ceremonial place where ancestral cultures converge and devotees of the Virgin Morena.
  • Sailing on the majestic Lake Titicaca surrounded by snowy mountains.
  • Visit to the Isla del Sol, birthplace of the Inca Empire.
  • Lunch at the Hotel Rosario del Lago.
  • Overnight at Hotel Rosario del Lago or similar.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Carry passport or ID, hat, windbreaker, sun block, small backpack for hiking and hiking shoes.

INCLUDED: Shared tourist transport, Spanish and / or English speaking guide, Tickets, Shared boat, Tourist lunch at Hotel Rosario del Lago Titicaca, breakfast and lodging.

NOT INCLUDED: 1st day dinner, 2nd day lunch, drinks during meals, tips, personal expenses


  1. La Paz
  2. Tiquina
  3. Hotel Rosario del Lago
  4. Sun Island (South)
  5. Copacabana
  6. La Paz